If you think that your man recently slept with another woman then you’re probably wondering what signs would he show if he is?

This post will help you figure out if he did it by showing you the signs that you can expect to see if he did.

So, what are some signs that a man slept with another woman?

  • He’ll show signs of deceit in his body language such as:
    1. Getting defensive when you question him
    2. Avoiding answering the question when you ask him about what he’s been doing
    3. Becoming anxious when you question him
    4. Rubbing his face, arms, legs or neck when you question him
    5. Avoiding you
    6. Showing less positive body language such as raising his eyebrows and smiling when he sees you, showing you his palms or having dilated pupils around you
    7. He’ll have tight lips when you’re talking or asking his questions
    8. He might cross his arms and legs when you question him
    9. He’ll wrap his feet around the chair when talking about the topic
    10. He’ll cough when talking about it
    11. Forced smiles where he smiles at the mouth but not beside the eyes
    12. Mixed signals such as nodding his head when saying no
    13. Scratching his neck when talking about related topics
    14. He’ll touch his mouth shortly after talking about what he’s been doing
    15. He’ll avoid eye contact when talking about what he’s been doing
    16. He’ll fidget while talking about what he’s been doing
    17. He’ll show rubbing behaviors when talking about what he’s been doing
    18. He’ll start to accuse you of things
    19. He’ll get jealous when you hang out with other men
    20. Complaining that you are controlling
  • He’ll change his routine
    1. He’ll stay at work for longer
    2. He’ll go out more
    3. He’ll stay out late more often
    4. He’ll go out at times when he normally wouldn’t
  • He’ll change his behavior
    1. He’ll want to have more privacy
    2. He won’t let you look at his phone
    3. He will take more care of his appearance
    4. He will suddenly start working out
    5. He’ll have a lack of interest in things related to you

There are actually a number of other things that could give you some clues as to whether or not he has been sleeping with someone else.

It’s important to consider his initial reaction to you and how it has changed over time, what his normal body language looks like and it’s important to make sure that he isn’t aware that you’re observing his body language.

How to tell if he slept with another woman

Consider how he reacts upon seeing you

If he has something to hide then it would be likely that he would have a closed reaction when he initially sees you.

This means that if he crosses his arms and legs, distances himself from you, avoids eye contact, points his feet away from you, shows tight lips, squints when looking at you and avoids talking to you then it would be more likely that he has something to hide.

Whereas, if he initially reacts to you by raising his eyebrows and smiling, uncrossing his arms and legs, holding prolonged eye contact with you, showing more dilated pupils, pointing his feet at you, standing close to you and showing more open looking eyes without squinting then it would suggest that he doesn’t have anything to hide.

Consider what his normal body language looked like

When trying to figure out whether or not he slept with another woman it would also be helpful to consider how his body language is different to what it used to be.

If his body language is the same as it used to be and he hasn’t been changing his behavior much from how it usually is then it would be less likely that he has been sleeping with another woman.

Whereas, if his body language is different now especially when he initially sees you and when you’re talking with him about related topics then it would make it more likely that he did it. That is assuming that he shows more negative body language signals and behavior that he didn’t show before.

Look for multiple clues in his body language

When observing his body language it is important not to draw a conclusion based on a single body language signal.

This is because he could show a single body language signal for many different reasons which would make it unreliable to draw a conclusion about what he has been doing based on it.

Whereas, if he shows multiple body language signals that all point towards the same thing then it would make it more likely that it is the actual reason that he is showing them.

Consider the body language that he shows when talking about related topics

When you’re trying to observe what his body language is suggesting then it would be necessary to see if he only shows signals of deception when he’s talking about what he’s been doing.

This is because he might have shown the signals by random chance.

This means that, if you notice that he shows a number of signals of deception when talking about what he’s been doing then you should then ask him about an unrelated topic and then later ask him about what he has been doing again. If he shows the same signs of deception when you ask him about it later on then it would be less likely that he showed those signs by random chance and more likely that he showed them because he was lying.

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Physical signs he is sleeping with someone else? Some physical signs could be that he has a different smell than usual, he has scratches on his body, he might have some hairs that aren’t his on his clothing or he might be sexual less often. If he has been doing it then it wouldn’t necessarily be obvious when you only consider physical signs instead you should also consider changes in his behavior and body language.

How to tell if your man is cheating sexually? Consider if he has been showing signs of deceit in his body language and behavior. Also, consider if he has been changing his routine lately be doing things such as staying out late or working more.

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